Time for me to relax

I had a very long day…. It is time for me to relax….

I am going to start to work on my oldest daughter’s quilt…

She is into music;  so I decided on this fabric….

Let me know what you think…My oldest is 18 years old……

Fabric for my oldest daughter's quilt.

Fabric for my oldest daughter’s quilt.

I will keep everone posted of my progress….

Tonight, I had some homemade mac and cheese…. I tried to portion it ,but was sooo good.


10 thoughts on “Time for me to relax

    • The colors fit my oldest…like my first quilt I made..The colors fit my youngest.. My son wants a quilt..I am thinking more NFL and solid colors…I have a lot of different colors…for my future projects

  1. Thanking you kindly for the follow, and you have a most lovely blog here.. Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura

  2. I stopped by to thank you for the follow I couldn’t tell what the colors were from the photo. The pinks you made for your younger daughter were sweet. I’m trying to finish a couple as well. Depression sucks the life out of us. I so get it. I finally quit taking meds for it because they quit helping. It’s the carbs that feed the depression. I’m working my way back to getting them out of my house one more time. My son is a snacker and it creates a cycle for me. I do best on meat, cheese, nuts, eggs and a few veggies. I know this but the comfort foods call me and right now I need comfort. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.

    • Once, I finish a couple of blocks..I will post more pictures.It’s many different shades of grey…one has music notes on it.I have my brother and his family living with us.That alone causes my depression. I have been drinking more water.I know that helps with weight loss. Thank you for your support!!

      • My son moved in in January after losing his job and selling his home with no profit. He’s ALWAYS right here so I know what you mean. I’ve gained 20 pounds and can’t breathe.

      • I’m so sorry. It fractures relationships after that amount of time. I’m trying to look at this positively but sometimes I just want to be alone.

      • It puts stress on my three children ,my parents,and my husband. We have told them that they have to get their own place.They still won’t budge.Plus,losses as well within that time frame. I was on medication for depression for years. The medication wasn’t working,and it was messing up my stomach.

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