About gobagese1

I was around nine years old, when I was taught by Grandmom.. She taught me to sew ,crochet ,and needle point. When I sew I am connected to her..even though ...she had passed. I love to read books. I love poetry as well! I am married and have three children.

St.Patrick’s day

Sorry …That I haven’t posted in a long while…I have been busy with work…St. Patrick’s Day passed…I wanted to show you what I have been up to….Yes..Making decorations for our tree…It is our holiday tree…I made all of the ornaments with felt and ribbon…Not including a lot of hot glue…I took necklaces that were cheap …I cut them at the ends and hot glued them together to create the garland…I also made a table runner for table as well…


Happy Holidays….Christmas is over waiting for the new year to start…I did manage to make a few hats and heating pads before Christmas eve….I broke my needles on my serger….I finally was able to get new needles for it…I hope it works…I got a sewing box and steamer for Christmas and a couple of other things