Summer Again

The other day…I was talking to my youngest daughter …who is eight years old..I told her that she smelled like summer. She said to me” How do I smell like summer ,Mommy?”

I told her this “You smell like Suntan lotion and bug spray”…That is  how I remember the smell of summer …. I am re-visiting one of my first blogs…..

It is summer time again…..

It takes me back to when I was a kid….

Counting down the minutes to the end of the school year.

Sitting at a school desk ,while the classroom is buzzing with excitement.

Figuring out the plans for the summer.

Maybe a  family vacation,a road trip or going to the beach ?

My favorite thing was going to my grandparents house for the whole summer.

We went on day trips, going to the beach ,or taking a vacation.

What was your favorite part about summer as a child ?



Getting up so early this morning.I had to take my husband to work,and things just pop up in my head. Stress,Stress,Stress!!!!How can I stop the stress? When I got home I decided to write some more.One of my cats decided to say , “Hi” and and she put head to mine like a hug.Now ,she is next to me . Now I hear the dogs wanting to comeout .It is so quiet  in the morning.Today, I have to make sure that I work on my assignments for school .

What I am Thinking

It is late ….I am at my lap top  working on my school home work. I am going to college online. Sometimes,I wait until the last minute to work on my homework. Why do I do this to my self? It is bad enough that my cat wants me to pet her at the sametime.I have to come up with some ways to organize my time,instead of wasting time.

First Blog

I am new to the blogging world. I was wanted to know about it. I am. I have been having one of those days when things just don’t add up,and you have little time to do things. Yeah,that it is the day I am having. Plus, feeling under the weather doesn’t help.

I am so tired of the make money at home online programs. If you pay $19.99 to sign up,and the next thing you know they want $300.00 !How are you supposed to make money when you are giving them money ? Really!  They want,want,and want money! I really hate it….