Three paintings kind of day

Today was a three paintings kind of day.The first painting. I started last week. I don’t know what I was thinking about, but the painting was coming along nicely. Until I decided to change the look of it.

I guess it was was looking too gloomy. I changed it completely. The second painting,I gotten mad ,because the bristles were all over the canvas. Then ,I started finger painting. I got out my painting knife and brush. This is the final result of that one.

The third painting was the completely opposite of the other paintings. It is an abstract acrylic painting. I call this one “Fractured Soul “. I used masking tape to create the look I wanted.


Two New Paintings

I have painted to new paintings. It is an oil painting ,of course. I am trying to sell my paintings.I have only sold three so far.

I don’t understand why they are not selling.Am I that bad of an artist? I don’t understand why? I am advertising them.I am not overcharging.

Scented Reusable Heating Pads and Handwarmers

Lately, I’ve been making scented reusable heating pads and hand warmers. I plan to sell them. I am afraid that no one will buy them.

It’s not like I am asking for $100 for them. I am asking $5 for the hand warmers. For the heating pads,I am asking for large $10 and X-large $15. Does that sound reasonable?