New Project

I have been thinking……..

                    I want to start a new project. I want to start something new.I want to able to finish a project that I start. I am not sure what I want to do. I am not sure if, I want to make a quilt, start a cooking project , or so other type of craft. I am so tired of stopping. I need ideas……



        I am sitting on my couch while my husband watches tv.I see my animals…I start to wonder . What    do they think about us as humans. What kind of thoughts are going through their minds.My Axle ,a loveable lab mix.Has to lay in the kitchen floor while I cook.I ask him to move and he looks at me,and puts his head back down. He is probably thinking ,”I’m not moving unless you give me food”.  I also loves how he tries to lay in my lap,and he is a 94lb dog.                                                                                                                   I love it when my cat gives me the stare,and tries to fit in a tiny little box.She is another one that will not budge.If I gave her a straw ,she will play.Animals can be so strange,but loveable. Probably,they are thinking the same thing about us.


When I think about summer ….I think about the food’s of the summer.Hambugers ,Hotdogs,ice cream,watermelon,and anything thing on the grill.Tonight ,I am making barbaque chicken/w carrots.

What is your favorite summer food?