Feeling down

Today….I am feeling so down….

I am starting back on the Lipozene…..I weighted myself….I am 285 lbs……

I am just so depressed….

I try to watch what I eat. I can’t afford being on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem…I can’t even afford to go to a gym.My stress level is over the top right now…….

I have to finish a paper for school, babysit,take care of my family,take care of the house,and drive my husband back and forth to work. He has seizures so he can’t drive.

My birthday is at the end of the week!!! I don’t feel like celebrating!!!!

What can I do to get my life back on track?

Create clones to do everything for me?


It’s been a while

It has been a long while since I posted on my blog. A lot has been going through my mind.Last month , I decided that I wanted to lose weight.I eat more than a normal person does. I am a emotional eater. When I get upset, I eat, I get mad upset ,I eat…..

Now it is time to make a difference……

Depression plays a big role in it….

I have been using Lipozene on and off….I am hoping if I use the product everyday ,I will lose weight. I need motivation and support. I may have my family to give me support ,but I need more outside support to help me….I have been using Neuro Sonic Energy. I love it.It gives me a lot of energy through the whole day.No jitters and no crash !

Please help me on this journey