Feeling down

Today….I am feeling so down….

I am starting back on the Lipozene…..I weighted myself….I am 285 lbs……

I am just so depressed….

I try to watch what I eat. I can’t afford being on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem…I can’t even afford to go to a gym.My stress level is over the top right now…….

I have to finish a paper for school, babysit,take care of my family,take care of the house,and drive my husband back and forth to work. He has seizures so he can’t drive.

My birthday is at the end of the week!!! I don’t feel like celebrating!!!!

What can I do to get my life back on track?

Create clones to do everything for me?


22 thoughts on “Feeling down

  1. I have had days like this. I think the best cure for me has been, resting, vedging out in front of the tv, maybe taking a SamE supplement, or just going outside in the sun for a few minutes. I hope you feel better. Take heart, tomorrow is a new day. Happy Birthday in advance, and hugs.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site. 🙂 I’m so sorry you are having a hard time. Can you go outside for a walk? Even a short, slow walk raises my spirits, clears my head, and helps me see my life more clearly.

  3. There are days that I feel this way. I will go for a long walk and think of positive things. Then I’ll come home to sew.
    Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning. Keeping you in prayer.

  4. I hate days like that too sweetie! I can’t afford Jenny Craig either. I am going to try losing on my own. The hardest part is planning meals which I hate to do big time. I’m trying mine by eating baked chicken thighs, boneless, skinless. Lots of vegetables. Treat yourself once in a while so you don’t feel deprived! I don’t get on a scale except at the doctors office! Sending smile vibes and Hugz your way! Lisa and Bear

  5. Yeah, I guess we all have a days like that!! I think Yoga is great thing, you can find tons of videos on youtube, it strengthen your body, it can definitely help with weight lose and definitely lifts the spirit!!!
    All the best and good luck

  6. It sounds to me that you are seriously overwhelmed. This happens to everyone at some point or other and the only way to shake it is to clear your head and focus on something positive. There is always something positive in our lives but sometimes it’s hard for us to see it with all the rest going on. Losing weight is difficult but you are in control – remember that. You are in charge of you. You can change your life and you can lose weight. You have the power to do these things. There are tons of low cal tasty recipes on Pinterest. If you aren’t a member then become one. There are tons of ideas for all kinds of things and you will find many people feeling exactly the way you do. You are not alone. I don’t know you and your situation but I can tell you that I have faced some serious adversity in my life and I managed to change my life so I Know that you can change yours.

  7. Just remember that everyone has bad days like this and you are not alone. Try to focus on something positive in your life. Find something, anything, that is good no matter how small and focus on that. This will help you to put things back into perspective. It sounds like you are very overwhelmed right now but all circumstances are temporary – things will change. You can tackle your weight issue by joining Pinterest if you are not already a member. There are many recipes on Pinterest that are low cal and tasty so it will be easy for you to find recipes that are quick and easy and it costs nothing. Taking a walk on a sunny day will increase your vitamin d levels which will in turn help with your depression. Small steps eventually lead to big change. Try to remember that and don’t get discouraged. Many of us have been in situations that seemed daunting at first but then slowly made changes and have now realized a dream or accomplished that long awaited goal. You can too!!
    Happy birthday!

  8. The suggestions of taking a walk are good. You could even take the kids and go to the park with them. Maybe you will meet some new people there. If you are not a member of a church, that can be a good step forward too because there is much love and support there too. Praying for the best for you! I hope you have a great birthday!

  9. It’s funny, we all know what we can’t afford, bu you know that you can afford friends,right here on line. I just was told I need to drink a gallon of water plus 4 – 8 ounces glasses a day. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    You will be happy to know that I filled a gallon of tap water so I could see how much it is. So far I have had 4 ounces and it’s after noon! I am not sure this is going to work at all!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling depressed, but maybe the worst is passed now, seeing as this post was a couple of weeks ago. My advice on the weight front, for what it’s worth, is: 1) either walk or beg, steal or borrow a bicycle for short journeys (say within a 1-3 mile radius) instead of driving, because exercise is much easier if you build it into your ordinary activities rather than making it an add-on; 2) don’t even think about buying “diet food”, just stop eating the things that are unhealthy and fattening (we all know what they are – cakes, pastries, bread, fried food, sugary snacks, potatoes, take-away junk) and get used to drinking plain water and eating modest amounts of plain grilled fish, chicken and lean red meat with huge quantities of steamed green vegetables to fill you up. This works for me. I don’t find it easy, but once you start to see the results you realise it’s worth it.

    • Thank you for the tips…and the support.If I drive my to work and I have to buy something. I park very far from the entrance so I get exercise.I am trying to eat smaller portions. I drink more water.

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