Happy Mother’s Day

First, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day!!

I spent time with my family watching home movies.Today was my cheat day! I had a lovely brunch! Iate some fruit,danish,two pieces of bacon,two sauages and eggs. Plus, two glasses of orange juice and coffee.My husband bought me roses and a card..My children gave me a card,and my youngest child made a card and a book mark at school for me.

I haven’t checked my weight today!!! Am I worried ??? Not today,because it is my day!!!! I do need to drink my water. Why is it when I drink water, I am still thirsty?


4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. The only weight loss concept that ever worked for me was to follow a low-glycemic index way of eating. I bought the cookbook for Sugar Busters and it helps explain how to cut sugar and other high-glycemic index foods that are like sugar (white flour, white potatoes, corn, white rice, and some others). It was hard at first, but I learned to live without them when I needed to, because I got Type 2 Diabetes in my 40s. The good part was not having to count calories, but just cut out certain foods. Anyway, that worked for me, so I hope you find something that works for you.

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