Table runner remake

I am in the process of remaking an Easter table runner…I cut it apart..and now , in the process of seam ripping


St.Patrick’s day

Sorry …That I haven’t posted in a long while…I have been busy with work…St. Patrick’s Day passed…I wanted to show you what I have been up to….Yes..Making decorations for our tree…It is our holiday tree…I made all of the ornaments with felt and ribbon…Not including a lot of hot glue…I took necklaces that were cheap …I cut them at the ends and hot glued them together to create the garland…I also made a table runner for table as well…


Happy Holidays….Christmas is over waiting for the new year to start…I did manage to make a few hats and heating pads before Christmas eve….I broke my needles on my serger….I finally was able to get new needles for it…I hope it works…I got a sewing box and steamer for Christmas and a couple of other things

Tutu challenge

My youngest daughter wanted to be her favorite wrestler on t.v. ,but she wanted to wear all black clothes for Halloween…

That’s not going to happen!!!

I am making not one but two tutu’s before Wednesday…One for my youngest and oldest daughter…Since I have to work on Halloween…My oldest volenteered…to take her sister trick -treating… I am using 3 yards of glow in the dark tulle,4 yards of neon green, and 4 yards of purple…I am so full of glitter right now….

Gym bag

Yesterday, was the first time that I was able to sew….

My youngest daughter needed a gym bag for school…

It had to be a mesh one no less…

I was going to buy her one..

Then I remembered that I know how to sew and make one for her…

I made her an Eagles gym bag..Guess what ? No pattern!!