Depression painting

For many years, I suffered from depression. I was finally able to show you by artistic expression. This how I felt over the years.

The not knowing  feeling of  which way to go.The shaky  ground you walk on. The tornado full of emotions. To the black hole of sadness. The emptiness, broken hearted,or even feeling  loved. Let’s not forget to include the anxiety!!


My Abstract

When I posted last time.I mentioned that I was working on project. It is very different from my last post. It kind of messes with eyes a little bit.

When I first started this painting,I wanted something different. I used a lot of tape. I used black acrylic paint to the design I wanted.

Once the paint was dry.I started to add more tape.Then I started to add the different colors. I wanted something bright. It is very abstract.

Rainy and cold

It is such a cold and rainy day. I would rather sleep all day. Instead, I am painting and its my day off.I really enjoy a nice cup of tea. Especially, when the weather is gloomy,wet,and cold.I just got done a painting. It has a lighthouse in it.

I must want to go the beach.I have been doing a lot ocean paintings. As you can see from the three paintings that I have done.

All three are all oil paint. I rarely use acrylic paint. I am working with acrylic paint on a project that I am working on. It has a lot of tape on it.


When it comes to paintings,sometimes I  a vision  in my head. That happened yesterday to me. It was right after,I had taken my husband to work.I had eaten my breakfast and having my second cup of coffee.

I start out with blending the sky,clouds,and water.Then, I sit back and I look at it. That is usually when I get my ideas.

My knife work has become very easy to do. I used a half size round brush for the trees and background. I used a number three fan brush for the grass. I used two different filbert brushes to create and blend.

Another Birthday Gone

Another birthday came and gone.Even though,I had to work that day. I guess it was okay. I did get a pretty cool gift from my oldest daughter. It is dry rack for sweaters. There is no reason why I can’t use it for canvases.

It is mostly used for drying sweaters,but now it is for canvases.

As,you can see that I have been busy painting. Don’t worry,I will share pictures. I am keeping my mind busy again. My Mom is in the hospital. Her heart rate was over 173.Plus,somehow she got Covid again.She recently gotten her first vaccine a month ago.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day My Dad passed away.It will be two years now.I also have to get tested for Covid,since I was in close contact with my Mom.

More Oil Paintings

I have been doing more oil paintings,lately. I think it is because that it almost the Anniversary of my Fathers death.It will be two years that he has been gone.

It must be my therapy to deal with grief. It does still hurt,and I cry when I see pictures. I know,he watching over us.

I am trying different styles on how I use my paint brushes and the different strokes.I have been using the painting knife to give different effects.

Like the painting above,I used a small filbert brush to create the hills and mountains. I used a fan brush to create palm leaves. I try to put details into my paintings to add some character. I did an acrylic painting. It is more abstract. I used masking tape to create my design.

In my Northern Lights painting and my waterfall; I used Liquid clear . I noticed if you put to much on it will run.

Oil painting obsession

Like I said in my last post .I have done so many paintings that; I couldn’t  put them all in one post. I have at least 5 totes full of paintings that I have done.

I love oil painting! I think that I am obsessed. All I want to do is paint.I have so many things pop in my head.

I try to add more details to all my paintings. I started adding some fish to the water. I have been adding different things to make my paintings unique.

I had done two paintings in one day. One of my paintings took me three days,because I was frustrated .One of my paintings took me three hours.I guess it depends on my moods and how I feel that day.

I guess ,I have become a painting fool in some type of way. I also think it helps me cope with the stresses of life.

Update on Painting and Covid

Sorry that I haven’t been posting anything lately. After Easter,my brother had gotten better.He was sent to a rehab facility to get his strength back. As of tomorrow, he is being released. He still not 100% yet.He is slowly getting better. He is weak and has some issues with walking.He will have more physical therapy at home.

I was keeping my head busy. Painting is one of the best ways to deal with stress. It helps me stay calm.I put myself in every single painting. I am going to have to another post for the other paintings.

I lost count on how many paintings that I done since my last post. I have many that are my favorites. I also been trying different ways to use my brushes.