More Oil Paintings

I have been doing more oil paintings,lately. I think it is because that it almost the Anniversary of my Fathers death.It will be two years that he has been gone.

It must be my therapy to deal with grief. It does still hurt,and I cry when I see pictures. I know,he watching over us.

I am trying different styles on how I use my paint brushes and the different strokes.I have been using the painting knife to give different effects.

Like the painting above,I used a small filbert brush to create the hills and mountains. I used a fan brush to create palm leaves. I try to put details into my paintings to add some character. I did an acrylic painting. It is more abstract. I used masking tape to create my design.

In my Northern Lights painting and my waterfall; I used Liquid clear . I noticed if you put to much on it will run.