Pot Holder

This is the pot holder I decided to make one day…

I wanted to everyone each of steps….

I did not have to buy any fabric…

I had everything that I needed at home….

It was a very easy project…..

I hope everyone likes it…..



The start of a pot holder


The fabric


Starting to put it together


Got the binding


Starting to come together


almost done


Done !!!


Oldest Daughter’s Quilt


This is the fabric that is for a pillow …That will match the quilt

This is the fabric that I am using for my daughter’s quilt ….

I brought more fabric to add to the quilt….

I will post more photos as I get the quilt together….

She told me …I know that you making it for me, out of love…

That melts my heart….



Just started

New Year

Well….It 2016…

It is time to reflect on my life…

Since I started working, I have lost 30 lbs…

I was able to make homemade gifts for the holidays…

I made :

two table runners

five pot holders

three pillows

three scarfs

two blankets

a makeup bag

a hot pad for my daughter’s flat iron and other hair products

stockings for the animals

I got a camera ,so now I can take more pictures of my projects…

I have gotten more material for my daughter’s quilt….

Plus, I am planning to make her a pillowto go with her quilt…