Good News

I am feeling a little happier inside today…

Yesterday,I had my interview….

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

I am the new employee at Joann Fabrics !!!!!

I am so happy!!!!

It is part-time ,I can still have time with my family!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for the loving support that you have given me !!!!!


Rainy Day

Today is such a rainy day….

I am catching up on my laundry….

I am going to do some crocheting today and catch up my sewing….

I have a love hate relationship with the rain…

It is helping my plants growing outside , but it is makes me feel like blah !!!

I have good news I had interview on Monday for one job,and another one on Monday again.

I am praying that I get either job.


It has been a while …

I have been under a lot of stress and depression…

One thing after another….

I have been waiting for a while now to see if I am going to get this job..

We are completely broke….

We had to put out so much money out this month….

My Van, My daughter’s truck, Food, Rent….now tires

I feel so worthless right now….


It's getting better

It’s getting better

So far I am eight rows in….

I have been crocheting everyday…

Boy, are my hands getting a work out…

There is a big differnce since I started …

I am happy that I am doing this…

I feel closer to my grandmother when I sew and crochet…

I think she would be impressed with my quilt and my crocheting…