It has been a while …

I have been under a lot of stress and depression…

One thing after another….

I have been waiting for a while now to see if I am going to get this job..

We are completely broke….

We had to put out so much money out this month….

My Van, My daughter’s truck, Food, Rent….now tires

I feel so worthless right now….


14 thoughts on “Worthless

  1. You are not worthless! You are tired and challenged with so much stuff right now. One step at a time is all you can do, but you can do this to propel yourself forward. Hang tough!

  2. Please believe that you most certainly are not worthless. I have been where you are and it was a tough row to hoe. I did it and you can do it. There were some things that helped me through those times. A couple of which are: “This, too, shall pass.” “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I’m adding you and your family to my prayers. Check with churches in your area. The Catholic church here in Tulsa helped me with some utility bills. And we were able to get some food from “Neighbor for Neighbor.” Maybe there is something like that where you live.

    Question: Did you take these beautiful photographs on your pages? If they are yours, check out CafePress.com. I’ve made a little bit of money there with some of my photographs. Yours are so beautiful, I bet you can, also. And it doesn’t cost you anything. Give it a try and let me know how you like it.

    Hold your head up high, keep doing the next right thing in front of you, and know you are loved.

  3. Ok, I hear myself, when I am in a really bad place, in your words.

    You may feel like you are worthless but you do have worth – to yourself, your family, your community. You are unique, no one else has your gifts and talents (and because you can’t see that at the moment doesn’t mean that it isn’t true). You might need to get some support. In the UK I would suggest family doctor, food bank, going to the Citizens Advice Bureau, talking to the Samaritans… not sure how well any of that translates to the US?

    Feeling hopeless will pass! In the meantime be kind to yourself 😀 TTS

  4. Hang on in there, you are not, now or ever will be worthless, life can be so darn tough at times but you are not alone, hugs coming your way ❤ ❤ ❤

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