Three paintings kind of day

Today was a three paintings kind of day.The first painting. I started last week. I don’t know what I was thinking about, but the painting was coming along nicely. Until I decided to change the look of it.

I guess it was was looking too gloomy. I changed it completely. The second painting,I gotten mad ,because the bristles were all over the canvas. Then ,I started finger painting. I got out my painting knife and brush. This is the final result of that one.

The third painting was the completely opposite of the other paintings. It is an abstract acrylic painting. I call this one “Fractured Soul “. I used masking tape to create the look I wanted.


Two New Paintings

I have painted to new paintings. It is an oil painting ,of course. I am trying to sell my paintings.I have only sold three so far.

I don’t understand why they are not selling.Am I that bad of an artist? I don’t understand why? I am advertising them.I am not overcharging.

Autumn walk in the woods

Sometimes,I get visions in my head. The first thing ,I do is paint. Like today for example, I had this vision of the woods.

I already had my oil paints out. I figured just to use them. It has a water color feeling to it. I have different colors to choose from. Sometimes, I use the basic colors that I have. I like to try to use different ideas to give myself a little challenge. This painting took me about a couple of minutes to do. Sometimes,it takes me day ,or a week. It depends on my mood.

Haven’t posted in long while

Sorry,that I haven’t posted in long time.Life in general has taken over. A lot has happened since I last posted.I have been working a lot.My mom is in a relationship with man that loves her. My oldest daughter moved out . I have finally gotten my Chloe back. My brother and his girlfriend moved in.We are all supposed to be taking over the mortgage. That has been a bumpy road .

I have been making memory bears for my oldest daughter. Her Bio Dad committed suicide in November.I have been making bears for his side of the family. I was in car accident also in November. I wasn’t hurt,but my van was. I can still drive it,but can’t afford to get it fixed.

I have been painting a lot. I have sold a few.I have put my paintings on Esty. No bites or nibbles on that.Even on market place no buyers. I have been struggling for while.

Depression painting

For many years, I suffered from depression. I was finally able to show you by artistic expression. This how I felt over the years.

The not knowing  feeling of  which way to go.The shaky  ground you walk on. The tornado full of emotions. To the black hole of sadness. The emptiness, broken hearted,or even feeling  loved. Let’s not forget to include the anxiety!!

My Abstract

When I posted last time.I mentioned that I was working on project. It is very different from my last post. It kind of messes with eyes a little bit.

When I first started this painting,I wanted something different. I used a lot of tape. I used black acrylic paint to the design I wanted.

Once the paint was dry.I started to add more tape.Then I started to add the different colors. I wanted something bright. It is very abstract.

More Oil Paintings

I have been doing more oil paintings,lately. I think it is because that it almost the Anniversary of my Fathers death.It will be two years that he has been gone.

It must be my therapy to deal with grief. It does still hurt,and I cry when I see pictures. I know,he watching over us.

I am trying different styles on how I use my paint brushes and the different strokes.I have been using the painting knife to give different effects.

Like the painting above,I used a small filbert brush to create the hills and mountains. I used a fan brush to create palm leaves. I try to put details into my paintings to add some character. I did an acrylic painting. It is more abstract. I used masking tape to create my design.

In my Northern Lights painting and my waterfall; I used Liquid clear . I noticed if you put to much on it will run.

Update on Painting and Covid

Sorry that I haven’t been posting anything lately. After Easter,my brother had gotten better.He was sent to a rehab facility to get his strength back. As of tomorrow, he is being released. He still not 100% yet.He is slowly getting better. He is weak and has some issues with walking.He will have more physical therapy at home.

I was keeping my head busy. Painting is one of the best ways to deal with stress. It helps me stay calm.I put myself in every single painting. I am going to have to another post for the other paintings.

I lost count on how many paintings that I done since my last post. I have many that are my favorites. I also been trying different ways to use my brushes.

Painting  and Covid

Lately, I have been painting to keep my mind busy. My brother is in the hospital  in ICU fighting  for his life, because of Covid. He has two types of pneumonia. We found out he has diabetes. The doctors are saying that he might not make it. We are constantly praying for a miracle. I lost my Uncle in January from Covid.

Painting is only thing that is keeping me sane for now.I did two paintings of Cherry Blossom trees. One painting is acrylic and the other is oil.


Last night,I started this painting.I started with the sky.I wanted a sunset  look to it.I blended about three different colors. I used Yellow Ochre,Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue,and white.I used an one inch brush to blend it together. I also used the same colors for the water as well.

I used a one inch round brush for the trees.For the dark ,I used Phithalo Blue,Alizarin Crimson, and Zinc.

I finally got my tree limbs down.I used a liner brush.For the bark of the tree,I used Zinc,Slate Grey,and brown. I added White for the high light. For the bushes ,I used a one inch round brush, and a number 3 fan brush for the grass.