Starting New Job

I am excited….

Tomorrow I start  my new job at Jo-Ann Fabrics…

I wonder how many idea’s that are going to pile up in my head…

I am going to try to control myself …

I wonder If I get a discount????????

No buying fabric on the first day !!!!

Even though it is part time….

Yeah, Me !!!!!!!


Summer Again


The other day…I was talking to my youngest daughter …who is eight years old..I told her that she smelled like summer. She said to me” How do I smell like summer ,Mommy?”

I told her this “You smell like Suntan lotion and bug spray”…That is  how I remember the smell of summer …. I am re-visiting one of my first blogs…..

It is summer time again…..

It takes me back to when I was a kid….

Counting down the minutes to the end of the school year.

Sitting at a school desk ,while the classroom is buzzing with excitement.

Figuring out the plans for the summer.

Maybe a  family vacation,a road trip or going to the beach ?

My favorite thing was going to my grandparents house for the whole summer.

We went on day trips, going to the beach ,or taking a vacation.

What was your favorite part about…

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