Summer Again


The other day…I was talking to my youngest daughter …who is eight years old..I told her that she smelled like summer. She said to me” How do I smell like summer ,Mommy?”

I told her this “You smell like Suntan lotion and bug spray”…That is  how I remember the smell of summer …. I am re-visiting one of my first blogs…..

It is summer time again…..

It takes me back to when I was a kid….

Counting down the minutes to the end of the school year.

Sitting at a school desk ,while the classroom is buzzing with excitement.

Figuring out the plans for the summer.

Maybe a  family vacation,a road trip or going to the beach ?

My favorite thing was going to my grandparents house for the whole summer.

We went on day trips, going to the beach ,or taking a vacation.

What was your favorite part about…

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