Painting  and Covid

Lately, I have been painting to keep my mind busy. My brother is in the hospital  in ICU fighting  for his life, because of Covid. He has two types of pneumonia. We found out he has diabetes. The doctors are saying that he might not make it. We are constantly praying for a miracle. I lost my Uncle in January from Covid.

Painting is only thing that is keeping me sane for now.I did two paintings of Cherry Blossom trees. One painting is acrylic and the other is oil.

Oil painting

This is my first time using oil paint. Big difference using the wet on wet technique. It is going to be fun getting used to it. Trying to get the Liquid White to a thin layer is getting better.

I do find it easier to make my mountains.The blending is easier.The only down fall is that the paint dries slower.