About gobagese1

I was around nine years old, when I was taught by Grandmom.. She taught me to sew ,crochet ,and needle point. When I sew I am connected to her..even though ...she had passed. I love to read books. I love poetry as well! I am married and have three children.


Last Wednesday..We were told to leave from my in-laws ..Guess what…They gave my husband an ultimatum …Them or me…He picked me…They tried to take my youngest daughter from us…didn’t happen!!! The good thing about this ,we are now living with my mom..I have Shadow and Axle with me…I don’t have Chole yet….We don’t have to pay $320 a week anymore…We can stay here until we can afford our own place….


Leggings #1

Sorry , that I haven’t been able to post lately…

I have been dealing with health issues with my youngest daughter and myself….

I was finally able to load my pictures that I used with my camera…..

This is the pictures before and after I started to make the leggings…

I am not 100% done with it yet….

I have to put the elastic in it and have it adjusted to my daughter…..

As you can see that Chole wanted to help as well….


Playing with the serger

I was playing with my serger tonight… I had threads already break on me….I wasn’t upset about it…It was very easy for me to fix…..I learned in my younger years how to use one…I learned to use one in High School,because it was a Vocational School..I took up sewing….Plus,I worked using sergers ….Plus,what my Grandmother taught me….I find it easier to use…The good thing is that my Brother machine can use Singer needles…Very happy about that

Anniversary gift

My Husand and I decided that this year …We get each other gifts..We haven’t done this since our first wedding anniversary…..

Since my husband loves watching the WWE …I gotten him a Heavy weight champion belt

My husaband gave me a wonderful gift.Can you guess what it is? It is something that I wanted forever…I finally got my serger…

I wish

I wish …That people can see what I see…..and hear what I hear….

I am tired of the comments behind my back….I wish that he would stand up for me and protect me….

I want to live my life the way I want it…I want to free of it …

I wish that having a job matters to people….

I hate that I am constantly judged because I do things differently….people needs to see their own flaws before judging me ….