Starting New Quilt

Just started

Just started

I started my daughter’s quilt last night…

This is better picture of the colors…

I picked these colors,because of the music notes…..

My oldest is into music….

She can play the guitar,saxophone,and the clarinet….

Plus,she is 18 years old….doesn’t want anything to girly….

My youngest daughter loved her quilt….She was so happy that I finished it for her



10 thoughts on “Starting New Quilt

  1. I have had the long-term project of making a quilt for a while, now… I’m a bit intimidated by the whole thing. Seeing your page makes me wish I’d find someone willing to let me look over her shoulder for a bit to get a feel for it.
    Nice choice of fabrics, plus the colors are good for growing up!

  2. Now that I see the fabric better, I like it too. Yes, 18 year old girls don’t often do girly anymore. Mine wore black for several years but at least not to her wedding or divorce.:)

  3. thanks for the follow ^^
    I’ve just read through your previous articles and am so glad to see that you’re busy sewing. When you’re busy, be it with sewing or your schooling on-line, it gives you a sense of achievement and stops you thinking too much about other troubles.

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