Today’s a better day

Today is a better day…..

Thank you, everyone for the advice….

I  did a lot today….

My husband and I went to get new shoes…

Then we went to Joann fabrics….I bought more fabric for the quilt.

Came home and did some cleaning….

I did my school work….and worked on the quilt….

I made meat cakes,mashed potatoes,steamed carrots,and salad……I forgot about the sliced cucumbers…

Cucumbers are my favorite….

Found out that my dog Axle,doesn’t like raw carrots… He turns his head like a little kid that doesn’t like a certain food.


5 thoughts on “Today’s a better day

  1. Hi…such an adorable handsome fur baby. Thanks for the follow. Glad today is a better day for you. My daughter was always heavy and has lost lots of pounds over the past 6 years. Takes time to put it on and time to take it off so keep on trying. She started by not doing any diet, but just eating more healthy food like rice, sprouts, salmon, tilapia, baked chicken, etc. She is now the smallest she’s ever been, but I know from her struggles over these years, how frustrating it can be. Food was always her go to fix when feeling down or overwhelmed. Rooting for you, and like one said, just start with the slow walks, better food, and also, don’t completely deprive yourself, but was glad to read today is a better day. I have those days also when just in a down mood. Thanks for visiting me. ~hugs~ Love your dog’s name also.

    • I have been drinking water ,which is helping.I have a lot of water weight.I cut back on the junk food..I don’t eat a lot of processed foods…it bothers my stomach…I have no gall bladder…My problem is portions…Recently,I bought better sneakers. I am going to try the walking..Thank you for the support!

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