My new blanket

My new blanket

This is my new blanket that I am working on…

I like this one better than the blue one…Plus I don’t feel so stressed about it…

My blue mess

My blue mess

You can tell the difference …

I have been practicing…can’t you tell?

Plus, I am not rushing myself…


22 thoughts on “Blanket

  1. I wouldn’t say the blue one is a mess, I think maybe the variegated yarn just ‘clutters’ the pattern up. I like both! My mom made those zig zag afghans. Keep up the good work!

  2. The pink is delightful and I agree with Jax, the blue variegated would possibly look amazing as a huge single granny square blanket to show off its colours to perfection

  3. A blue mess? Nope! I think it’s quite lovely, actually. But I think I see what you’re saying. If you finished it you’d end up with a lovely dappled blanket, but the granny stitch would be almost hidden because of the variegated yarn. The pink one is quite lovely in a completely different way in that it really allows your lovely stitches to shine. So yep, just my opinion, but I rather like them both!

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