I usually don’t discuss about other members of my family……

I am so mad right now…..

My brother and his family has been living in my house,because they had no other place to live….

It has been three years now…..

This part of my depression……

They are destroying my house….like they destroyed my grandmother’s house…

My grandparents belongings were in our family room….My brothers stuff was piled over my grandparents belongings…..

A lot of it destroyed now….

My dolls that my grandparents made…are missing

We told my brother that he has to leave many of times….He has a job….

He gives us money for rent when he feels like giving it…..

I am at my wits end….

This part of why I eat emotionally…..


20 thoughts on “Mad

  1. I know how difficult it can be when things in your life do not feel like they are in your control. I hope that you will be able to work things out with your brother. All the best.

  2. Do your husband and daughters feel the same way? Don’t he and his family ever leave the house? If you really want him gone, just wait until they go out and then put as many things as you can outside, and tell him you’ll forward the rest to him when he tells you his new address. Then maybe he’ll realise you mean it! (even if you then eventually let them back in, you can tell him it’s for X number of days while he finds a new place to live).

    • My husband , my daughters and my son, is stressed by this…That sounds like a good idea…He goes to work nad his girfriend stays in the house,and my nephew goes to school. My brother uses my nephew as a pawn… My nephew is 13 .

      • Aw, that’s tough. Where would they go if they couldn’t stay with you? Do they have enough to rent somewhere. Could you club together with other family members to help them with a deposit? Really seems like something’s abut to reach breaking point, but there must be a way out that actually means everyone is happier in the end?

      • They could get rental assistance,but they won’t go and get it.We have been telling them about affordable housing,too.They won’t apply.They were living at my grandparents trailer for two year’s.My parents were paying for it after my grandparents passed away.We are tired of putting out money for them when they can’t help themselves look.

  3. It’s horrible when people you care for let you down.

    Have you tried giving him a date by which he has to be out? And putting it in writing? I don’t know if it will help but some people respond better when things are clear cut and formal.

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