Can’t Decide

I am kind of  in a pickle….

I can’t decide on what color that I should work on next to add to the blanket…

I need help to decide the next color….

Can't Decide

Can’t Decide

Which one would look good with the pink?

Should I just buy another color that is closer to the pink?

I need other eyes!!!!!


25 thoughts on “Can’t Decide

  1. I think it would be cool to do like an ombré effect. So buy a lighter shade of pink and put that below what you already have, and then a darker shade and put it above.

    So something like this

  2. The blanket looks to be peachy pink. I would select another pink to compliment. I have a hard time coordinating the colors in those nursery type variegated yarns too. Your blanket looks pretty so far:-)

  3. I love the idea of an ombre blanket, now the three yarns you have pictured would work well all together in a ripple blanket, have you done one of those before ? if not I can send you a link for an easy to follow pattern …so easy even I could follow it

  4. You may want to try taking a pic and posting it in a different light? The color (to me) looks a bit peachy instead of pink. BUT – if it is a “rich” pink color – I wouldn’t use any of the 1st 3 you picked – the most recent colors you posted (at work) looked like they would be a better match. A lot may also depend on what your plans are for the project? A specific room to go in? A gift for a friend? Just because it makes you happy (my excuse most of the time LOL)? If the latter – pick what makes you happy!! Enjoy!!

  5. I think the most vibrant one would look good since the pink is kinda peachy and isn’t that vibrant of a color 🙂 blue would also look nice!!

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