Playing with the serger

I was playing with my serger tonight… I had threads already break on me….I wasn’t upset about it…It was very easy for me to fix…..I learned in my younger years how to use one…I learned to use one in High School,because it was a Vocational School..I took up sewing….Plus,I worked using sergers ….Plus,what my Grandmother taught me….I find it easier to use…The good thing is that my Brother machine can use Singer needles…Very happy about that


4 thoughts on “Playing with the serger

  1. I bought one few years ago, threaded it, I thought and then breakage. Hadn’t looked at it in a long time, but just this week decided I could tackle it. Not sure why, but this time threading it didn’t seem that difficult and it worked. Now to find a project. I’ve sewn forever, but this was first serger. Do you have any YouTube tutorials I could reference in case things go awry again. 🙂 Glad I found your post.

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