Leggings #1

Sorry , that I haven’t been able to post lately…

I have been dealing with health issues with my youngest daughter and myself….

I was finally able to load my pictures that I used with my camera…..

This is the pictures before and after I started to make the leggings…

I am not 100% done with it yet….

I have to put the elastic in it and have it adjusted to my daughter…..

As you can see that Chole wanted to help as well….



4 thoughts on “Leggings #1

      • Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear you guys are having to go through this! You have been having a really rough couple of years personally. Sending you all hugs through the wires. Stay in your heart space – focus on what and who you love the most. There is healing in that. There is empowerment in that. I am sending your family positive vibes and I hope everything will be ok.

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