New Year

Well….It 2016…

It is time to reflect on my life…

Since I started working, I have lost 30 lbs…

I was able to make homemade gifts for the holidays…

I made :

two table runners

five pot holders

three pillows

three scarfs

two blankets

a makeup bag

a hot pad for my daughter’s flat iron and other hair products

stockings for the animals

I got a camera ,so now I can take more pictures of my projects…

I have gotten more material for my daughter’s quilt….

Plus, I am planning to make her a pillowto go with her quilt…




18 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Wow! You’ve accomplished a lot!

    By the way, I did the same Navy blanket. I hope it is your camera or mirror image. BUT I make the real backward Navy blanket. I keep telling my husband that it would be no problem to take it apart and redo it but he just giggles and says he likes it like that.

      • Yeah, that’s why I think it would be easy to undo. It looks like you put on a blanket binding. I think that looks better and feels better when you cozy under it.

        I picked up lots of materials (mostly fleece) when I worked at JoAnn’s for a few years. I wanted to sew but was too tired after work to do it. Now I am retired and actually have a sewing/craft/music room/office so I can work as long or as short as I like and on whatever I want to. Talk about Heaven!

      • I loved the creative juices that place inspired, but I have fibromyalgia and they had me working the register near the front door. The cold air put me in a nearly permanent flare and I had to quit. But I miss all those creative people to talk to on a daily basis. Glad you are enjoy it— and the discounts!

      • I am at the cut counter..I love the customers that come in…My store is always hot…my boss said he was going to train me soon for register…kind of nervous about it

      • Cutting hurt my back because I am so long legged that the constant bend nearly killed me. But I did learn a lot about cutting fabric while I worked it. I liked the register because it was the last place the customer went and they were always, mostly, happy and looking forward to a new project. I could get to know them a little and send them on their way with a smile. Don’t worry about the math part. The machines these days are so cool they do most of the work for you.

      • Thank you…The only thing about the cut counter is being the main cutter…not moving …it makes my legs swell…I like putting the fabric away

      • Yeah, everyone in the store had to do that and there was a feeling of accomplishment to seeing it all put away nice and tidy. Then I’d go home and find I had it all to do all over again there. And all my kids were grown. There was only my husband, his adult son, and my brother. Now they are all better at sharing the housework but then they were working non-stop so we were all exhausted. And the housework fell to me. Ugh! Raising kids (4) was easier than these men.

      • I love it when the store is nice…Recovery is the easy part…I still have my eight year old and my two teens,my husband and the other family members as well…Sometimes things get done other times my house is big mess..and I have to clean it up…

  2. Congrats on the weight loss and the beautiful gifts! You sound so much happier since you have started working there. I think creative people need to be around creative people. Makes us feel more alive!

    • Thank you,I have been feeling better.I suffered from depression for a while…I was stuck at home and the constant stress. I still have stress,but it is less.My job saved me.

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