I am in a pickle…

 I can’t seem to decide what I want to work on…

I want to crochet and quilt..

 Do I spend my day doing half quilting and the rest crocheting…

 I have two projects that I am working on.. 

My daughter’s quilt…and the blanket 

I am crocheting….

By the way…It was the stater in my van..It’s back on the road again…


10 thoughts on “Decision

  1. That is a hard decision to make. I usually do my quilting during the day and all my ‘hand work’ like crocheting or hand sewing at night while I’m watching TV. Of course all plans are off when I have a rush job. Glad to hear your van is running again. Hang in there.

  2. I agree with the other comments – I don’t crochet, but when I was doing cross-stitch I would do that at night in front of the TV. My sewing takes a bit more concentrating and more need for natural light.

  3. I like to swap projects regularly throughout the day. I also throw a little blogging and email answering into the mix. It’s exhausting to work on one project all day.

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