Not Sure


Not sure if I like the colors….

If you notice the picture the brown looks gray….

The color is called Cafe….

Maybe once I add the other colors… I might change my mind…

I am also adding purple , pink, and cornmeal …. and the multi-berry

What do you think?



14 thoughts on “Not Sure

  1. I like them too, especially the multi-berry. Red and brown always remind me of a robin (ever since in an Ellis Peters novel she described a character wearing a red dress and a brown cloak that way), so I always think they look good together! Looking forward to seeing it as it grows, too

  2. So far I love it – crochet a couple more rows of the café (fyi – this is more of a coffee with cream color than an actual brown – – I made that mistake once also. Expected it to be a deep brown like coffee – nope- hee hee) and post another pic…bet it will look fantastic!!

  3. I echo what everyone else has said here – go with your instincts! It’s fun to experiment with color pallets and make the final product uniquely a reflection of you.

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