Jelly roll update

After staying up until 1:30 this morning…

I made some progress…

 It is going to be a king size jelly roll quilt..

I really like how it is coming together…

 I also got other projects that I have to do…

A lot of future posts to come…

Here is the latest on the quilt…



6 thoughts on “Jelly roll update

  1. That is coming along very nicely! You must be tired – I know exactly how you feel – I’ll go to bed after I do just one more row, okay after this next row I really need to go to bed, okay just one more row!!! 😀

    • Thank you.. yes,I am..That’s pretty much’s going to be a king size…I am still not done…a couple of times..I felt like falling asleep… I still am trying to work on my oldest daughter’s quilt which is more detailed than the jelly roll…

  2. This looks very nicely done! I am not so much a sewer, but I do try to hem pants and other small sewing tasks. I admired this project and adored the St. Patrick’s day table runner. 🙂

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