Jelly roll update #2

I wanted to post how the quilt was going..

I am making progress..

As you can tell it is very long..

I had to work at the kitchen table..

It’s going to be a king size quilt..


22 thoughts on “Jelly roll update #2

  1. you are brave to do a king quilt! I seem to do one every few years, swear never again cause its soo big, then in few years you forget the muscle work of heaving all that fabric through your machine. But always worth it. Love the colour palette!

  2. These strip quilts are always fun to make and I also love that you never know exactly how they will turn out. The only problem is I usually end up stretching them all the way across my house and discover what an outbreak of dust bunnies I have. Great colors!

  3. This will make you smile, I have a pine kitchen table (probably about 20 years or more old now) and that’s where I do my crafts too! I also have a couple of those white chairs lol. Thank you for sharing your projects – you do fantastic work!

    • Thank you…wow..We have a beautiful table in storage that is at least 28 years has lasted for years…with my children..we need the extra chairs…the white chair is my mother -in-laws chair…she doesnt like the hard chairs

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