Pulling my hair out

This jacket is driving me crazy….Nothing is making sense….I lost count of how many times …I have used the seam ripper……

This pattern layout does not make sense at all….I am pulling my hair out( not literally)…

I refuse to give up…there is no tutorial online…. Nothing!!!! I need help with this!!!!!

I wish my Grandmom was alive!!!!


2 thoughts on “Pulling my hair out

  1. So are you stitching the jacket lining? It looks to me that you have it right according to the directions. It looks like it will be a very fitted jacket with nice lines to flatter the figure. Sometimes constructions are 10% clear and sometimes we have brain fog, so the 10% is diminished. And then add a little frustration in the mix, and you have your predicament. The good news is, all that bad sewing stuff is now behind you! 🙂

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