Button hole #1

As a beginner to the button hole….

I watched a tutorial….

I started to get my machine ready and started….and this happens…

Something isn’t right…something was telling me to look in my parts box for my sewing machines…. Look what I found….

And this what I was using

I am going to start over again ……posting pictures later


8 thoughts on “Button hole #1

  1. I see you found the rest of the buttonhole foot. I think you can slide the back part and put in your button to get the right size buttonhole.
    I have a question for you: when threading your machine, do you have the foot up or down? You need to leave it up, as the the different discs in the machine that regulate thread tension are open, so that the thread slides in between them. Also, before you finish with threading the needle, hold the thread at the top where it enters the machine, and at the bottom, and tug gently to ensure the thread is in place. Then thread your needle.
    Also, make sure you clean your machine after every project and change the needle regularly (new project=new needle). These three things will go a long way in ensuring your machine works properly.

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