It’s Sunday – Part 2

So far I made my bed….
I am eating my breakfast…

Next is to decide on what projects to work on…  The containers are filled  with some of my stash…..

I know… It’s….I have to straighten it up….that’s where my main projects are….

My one of two sewing machines……I think..I will work on the two quilts…. I don’t have anyone not telling me what to do…and I can be loud if I want too!!!!


4 thoughts on “It’s Sunday – Part 2

  1. I’m a man quilter, the you tube/self taught variety. It all came about when my youngest daughter challenged me to make her a quilt. It was difficult and the results reflected those difficulties. My wife is recovering from two heart attacks so we’re ready to start in again to keep her busy.

    • Wow…praying that your wife gets better…it is hard when times get hard…I had my fair share…I self taught myself how to quilt too,but your quilts are amazing

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