10 thoughts on “Don’t feel like sewing

  1. I’ve been there too. Sewing block is okay. imho, Stay with the crochet if that’s inspiring you right now. I know for me, if I force a project it won’t be a good outcome. cheers and congrats your daughter! whoot!

  2. Dear friend, I have been dealing with a project since July and things that happen all around me discourage me to finish it… I started working on it again on Saturday and I cracked my hand on Sunday! That means that I won’t be able to sew for at least a month! I think that keeping a blog can be very stressful and we have to take a step back whenever we feel like it. How about celebrating your daughter’s success and not sew for a week? I came across this post and it helped me a lot with my blogger’s guilt: https://wendystitch.com/2017/06/27/joining-the-slow-sewing-revolution/
    I have already started feeling guilty for all the Christmas projects I should start, my daughter’s “handmade” birthday party that cannot be accomplished…the list never ends… I hope things will be better in the future! Take care!

    • Thank you…for the advice and kind words…My Daughter’s graduation was at a fancy hall…Everyone that was graduating was there… Mostly a big sit down dinner..The week before was her 21st birthday…. I hope your hand gets better

  3. I have two sweaters promised that I don’t have finished (crocheted) I’ve already finished the ‘fun’ part and now it is time to match the sides and make sure everything fits straight. I hate that part. Hope you are having a blessed day.

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