Morning rant

I have been working more hours this week…which means more money….for the next  8 weeks …I will be working more hours…I have been taking my son into work at 3am…and still have to work a 9 hour shift….I am tired….

I do have off Sunday and Monday…

Plus..I am back in school getting my Master’s in Business…..Homework is easy for now…..

I want to work on my projects …Ugh!!!! New fabrics are coming in …my mind is filling up with ideas…..


5 thoughts on “Morning rant

  1. What you describe here is much better than when you weren’t sure where you would live and all those things that were going on. I’m so happy your life and your family’s life is getting better! Just make sure to take time to rest so you don’t get broken. Hugs!

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