Blah day

It was a blah day for me…I didn’t sew least not yet…I did crochet some rows….learning new stitches… I may not have a yarn bowl….but I like this idea….

Snowy cold days…very windy….I can’t wait until spring…..


6 thoughts on “Blah day

    • I am learning the waffle stitch…It’s good stitch…it is hard to crochet when my cat is attacking the yarn…I have been working on my double half crochet blanket…it has been a slow process

  1. Love the color combination you are working on! It reminds me of the colors in the cool jacket you made for your son. I’m finally getting close to finishing a corner-to-corner I started last year lol! I like crocheting when it’s cold.

      • The reason things take me so long now is as I get older, I don’t have the stamina in my hands/wrists to go for long periods of time stitching. The good thing about that is saving money on craft supplies because projects take longer lol. At least at our house.

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