It is a damp day….drinking my coffee..

Cutting more flannel squares for the quilt…I ran out flannel the other day…I guess it is good thing that I work at a fabric store….

I finally got some 100% cotton thread for the bowl cozies….

I was telling my co- worker the other day …that I feel connected to my Grandmother where I work,because she used to take me with her; since I was a toddler…when I sew ,I am connected….

For someone to tell me that I need a better job….I can tell them to go pound sand….I am doing what I love…..




2 thoughts on “Connected

  1. I would SO love what you do! I just made a bunch of those bowl cozies and it was challenging to find the 100% cotton thread and batting. I know they’re marked that way but if you look closer there’s always some kind of coating on the thread or some kind of meshy stuff in the batting. I was happy JoAnn’s had/has everything I need. – I love your attitude. Keep being you. 😀

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