Today’s vent

Yesterday, it wasn’t a good start….

My father-in-law was admitted in the hospital…his back went out and his blood sugar was super high…

I had to go to work….It wasn’t too bad… I did find out that they cut my hours…not happy about it…maybe, I can get some crafting done….

I didn’t have anytime to do my homework….

I want to start making things to sell….Anyone have good ideas?

I was thinking about something with table runners,bowl cozies,or wreaths….



6 thoughts on “Today’s vent

  1. I have SO many requests for bowl cozies it’s ridiculous. People love them! Also, zippered pouches. People love those too. Anything to make life easier, prettier and organized. 🙂 Sorry about your father-in-law and your hours being cut. I’ve had those days. Situations out of your control so let them be and get some crafting done! 😀

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