Gloomy day on the golf course

It is very gloomy outside…I haven’t posted in a while…There has been a lot going on in my life…Dealing with depression…It sucks the life out of me…Trying to deal with life …Hardship is the worst…. I got into an agruement with my husband the other day….I almost threw out my sewing stuff….I haven’t sewed or crocheted in a while….


8 thoughts on “Gloomy day on the golf course

  1. It sounds like you are in a familiar space….I’ve been in that gloom too many times myself. Just ride it out and tuck away somewhere inside of you that you will emerge back out of it. Take it as a resting time, a down time, a chance to sleep, dream, rejuvenate and come back stronger. I’m kind of in that space right now too – very surreal. I send you a big hug through the wires! Stay in your heart space – who and or what do you love the most and climb in that room.

      • I completely understand that. We’ve been through that a time too many ourselves! You are not alone and I’m glad things are heading in a better direction for you!

      • It is hard sometimes… Especially when you have live with people that constantly judge you and a husband that won’t fight to defend you

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