Depressed Today

I am kind of depressed right now…

I want to do so many things….

I feel that I am not a good at sewing… I don’t know if it is that I have been out of the game so long….

I don’t know that I will ever be as good as my grandmother was….

I have to learn to manage my time between schoolwork,home and work..


16 thoughts on “Depressed Today

  1. First, you will get “good” at sewing by sewing. There are no cheats or work arounds for this. It is all about practice, practice, and more practice.

    Second, it is completely unfair to compare yourself to anyone. You and your experiences are unique.

    Third, time management is a learned skill it is all about prioritizing effectively. It does take work, but it is worth.

    In my world, sewing is tops. I love everything about it. I especially love my 13 vintage machines. Yes, I have 13 machines and I do use them all. I couldn’t live a day with out stitching. When that depression monster creeps in, stitching sets it running.

    What are you sewing on? What sort of projects do you want to learn to sew?

    • Right now, I have one unfinished project, which is my daughter’s quilt and I have a unfinished crochet project …I have two working sewing machines…I want a serger… I have worked with patterns before… I have made a couple of pieces of clothing in the past…I want to make clothing again ,but I haven’t had time to finish my other projects…I want to make a lot of things…

  2. Honing our skills can be frustrating, but I think that instead of comparing our work to what others create it’s better to appreciate our own personal progress. Unfinished projects are often left because we’ve mastered a skill or because we’re bored.

    And if you’re working toward your Masters Degree, needlework should be relaxing for you. Choose something that makes you happy. Make something for yourself, a tote bag or slippers or a case for your glasses. Sometimes I just organize my stash to find that spark of inspiration.

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