I am very lost right now….

We got locked out of our house yesterday….

I am currently staying with my mother-in-law with two of my children and my husband…

Our landlord did not seem to care that my father is sick, and doesn’t seem to care that my youngest daughter has ADHD …and  my Son that is Bipolar….

They wanted $4300… Yesterday in order to live there….even though we paid $3250 in August… JVS is heartless….and So is Camden County Court System……..

I want to go home ….


31 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Did I get this right? You’ve paid $3250 a month until August, and now they want $4300? Is that even legal? It’s an increase of 32%, almost 1/3. Isn’t there anything in your contract about adjusting rent and how it should be done?

  2. I’m sorry you all are going through this, I can’t imagine how powerless you must feel right now. Having both a ADHD and Bipolar child to go through this too, I can imagine how difficult it is…I understand those labels. I am praying a prayer for you right now that is one that my Aunt and I prayed the night there was so much turmoil in trying to figure out where my Grandmother would live, she needed an assisted care and they were having so much trouble finding one. “May the doors that need to open, open. May the doors that need to shut, shut.” Whatever is for you and your families greatest good I hope that for you. Keep us posted my friend.

  3. We have a couple things in CO that u may have near you-1=Options for Long Term care=its a govt pgm that Pays YOU to care for elderly and/or disabled family members(basically better to pay u then strangers in an institution). 2=Family Centers=also a govt pgm can give u free money for emergencies like overdue rent n utilities…check your local offices-start with social services. Hope this helps!😳

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