Just learned

I just learned another quilt block…​I am learning more and more…

I love using my Brother machine for quilting…

Don’t get me wrong..

I still love my Singer… 

But ..the Brother handles quilting pretty good…


11 thoughts on “Just learned

  1. I have a Singer and it’s taken some time for her and I to become friends lol. Getting the bobbin to work was the trickiest thing for me but I finally figured it out.

  2. Love your block. I bought a new sewing machine last year replacing my little Janome which handled everything I threw at it. This new fancy schmancy one (Bernina) is not my friend yet, but I am getting there. In it’s defense I did a lot more sewing and quilting when I had the Janome, now every time I sit at this machine I have to relearn everything. The book hasn’t been put in the drawer yet, because I need to refer to it all the time.

    • It’s good that you have a new machine… Its fun playing with a new machine because of all of the new bells and whistles that it comes with…my Brother machine..is pretty cool.I am still playing with it.

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