Blanket Fort

Since it is a snow day for me..

I am not sure what I am doing…

I am still under a lot of stress..

I don’t care what my mother -in-law has to say…

I am tired of her treating me like crap…

She says she is training me to have a better life…

My youngest daughter has a better plan for herself…

 A blanket fort!!!

I miss those days!!!


10 thoughts on “Blanket Fort

  1. A blanket fort is a great idea ,may be you could make yourself one ,I have a little shed in the garden to hide in .not very good in this weather though too cold and wet here ,we will all feel better with some sunshine Good luck

  2. Is so tempting to hide away sometimes , mother in laws can be so trying ,( that’s actually a understatement!) hang on in there, you know your value, don’t let her undermine your confidence.

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