Venting Time

Sorry,that I haven’t posted in a while…

I have been very busy at work…

Been working a lot of day shifts…

I am trying to organize my fabric…

I am working on a top secret project with my brother..

I got four other projects that have to get done…

I really have Crafting AD/HD…..

I can blame my job for that…lol

I guess am going to have to spend at least three hours a day to catch up on all of my projects…

I also got patterns and fabric for a project for my youngest daughter that I want to make…

What to do,What to do!???

I need to clone myself…

  1. For cleaning
  2. To go to work
  3. To do the all of my projects

I think I can get all of this done!!!

I got to believe in myself that I can do this!!!


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