Wreath time

I am taking a break from the cover to work on the Autism Awareness wreath for my nephew’s girlfriend for her class room…
Then my Chole wants to lay on my desk….I am trying to tie strips on the wreath…of course ,Kyle wants to join in..

Irish dresser cover#1

I was working on this cover for my mother in law… The patch work was lining up right…Guess who started to panic? I did…What I did was readjust what I was doing…I still have to make the backing for it and sew it together..


Today…I have been making table runners..One is for my house (in laws).. It is a Hanukkah table runner ,different from last years…. I’m making Autism Awareness table runners for my Mom,and my oldest daughter’s boyfriends mother…and if I left over fabric ,one for my sister.I still have to do a wreath also….I still have to do the blankets …and something Irish for my mother in law….