Something about this mountain

Something about this mountain threw me off. I love the sky.I think I went over the sky about three times. Until , I blended it the way it was supposed to look.

Once ,I gotten the background trees started.I was able to create the amazing stream or river.It really depends on how you look at it.


Painting #44

This painting took me a couple of days to complete. I wanted to show my progress as I completed the painting.

When I first started the painting. I kept getting frustrated with the Northern lights. So,I flipped the painting and used the other end.I took my time with it. I don’t like to rush when I paint. I don’t like getting interrupted in a middle of a brush stroke.

My painting space

When I first started painting in September. I only had a few brushes and paints. Plus,I was using a broken chair and a clip on light to paint by.

At the time,I was just starting out with painting. I had to be creative with what I had at the time.

I collected mores brushes and paints. Plus,I have better lighting .I look for sales most of the time.I use empty candle containers to hold my brushes.I got my easel on sale after Christmas. All I need is a bigger space to paint in.

Not into it

A couple of months ago,I started a painting.Something was off about it,so I stopped. I wasn’t into the painting.Plus,my mood was off as well.

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago.I decided to pick up the canvas and start painting. Which only took me maybe two to three days to paint.Another mistake that I have made is to take a before picture. I can only show you the after.

Painting has become my outlet. Painting  helps me express my feelings.

Number 41

Ever since,I started painting I haven’t seemed to put my now many paint brushes  down.I never thought  in a million  years  that I could paint. Especially ,the way I do.

This the painting that I sold!!

It is like I am constantly having an outer body experience. There are times when I say,” Did I actually paint this?”.My paintings have evolved since I started in September.I have done over 41 paintings so far.I sold one of my paintings,which is pretty exciting! I still have lack of confidence in myself that people what to buy my artwork.

Paintings #3 & #4

I had two paintings that I started.At first,I wasn’t into them and I stopped.I was getting frustrated.

So, today on my day off.I went to my job and gotten some more brushes. Plus, white paint ,because I use the paint cover the canvas.Especially, when I am not into the painting.

This particular painting ,I really enjoyed working on. It is more of an Autumn type theme.

Finished Painting

I am finally finished my painting…I am pretty happy with the results..

I am glad that I waited for daylight to finish it.I also noticed that my stress level is going down.

This from last night before I lost daylight.I thought the painting needed something

As you can see it looked so plain without any scenery.


Today started as a semi normal day at work…it was very busy

After work,I did some shopping and got more canvas and paints.I decided to watch some Bob Ross..

Then it hit me…my inspiration…I decided on a different type of painting.I am not a landscape type of person,but I am trying…

It isn’t done yet…I have to get more colors and different brushes.Not bad for a first try.