Another day….has gone by…

I am feeling pretty good…

I have been getting eaten alive by the stupid mosquitoes…

I get big welts on my body…

Does anybody know any good ways besides bug sprays to use to stop them?


My Throw Back Day

I want to share this with you….

I had wrote this paper a long time ago…

It was for homework for college….

This is my throw back…

Parent- Teenage Behavior While Stupid


Terri Katz

Sometimes, I wonder why teenagers can act stupid. What I mean is that teenagers sometimes don’t seem to think. I have two of them, a 15 year old (daughter) and a 14 year old (son). What I don’t get is their behavior, if you teach them right from wrong; they still end up in some kind of trouble. My daughter got in a fight last week, when the girl grabbed her by the throat. My daughter did defend herself and we are still waiting for the cops to take care of this matter.  It is non-stop drama, from cell phones to Facebook.

When you try to confront them about it, they give a severe attitude. I raised my kids with manners; and they still end up being disrespectful. I see this behavior from other parents, and they start wondering why. My daughters’ ex-best friend’s mother is totally clueless with her children’s behavior, and denies anything is wrong.  HELLO, ARE YOU BLIND! WAKE UP BEFORE YOUR CHILD ENDS UP IN JAIL!  Yes, I am strict, when it comes to curfews and where they are going. At least I know where they are.

Why teens do keeps their rooms a mess? Are they afraid of being clean, or getting lost? Sometimes I think I need a map just to find my kids. Like the ones, they have at the mall, you are here X.  Like the Houdini trick at dinner time, when it’s time to clean up. I like the last minute laundry at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, right before school the next day. Yes, I remember when I was their age. Then I ask my Mom, “Was I this way?”  Of course, she said “YES!” Just my luck, two mini-ME’s.

Sometimes, my husband is my third teenager.  He acts just as bad as my kids.” Why me Why me”, as I bang my head against my pillow. Then I remember that I have chosen this life.  My 4 year old (daughter) doesn’t act up as bad, yet.  Today, I don’t know who threw the worst tantrum, my husband or my 4 year old.

Here is another example, my next door neighbor and her teens stayed with us for short a period of time, while their electric was off. The one of her teen’s behavior was unreal. She would follow her mother everywhere and her tantrums where worse than my youngest. I wished that Super nanny would have come out of retirement.  While her brother was respectful, kind, and thoughtful to us. Again, what is wrong with this picture? Why didn’t the mother do anything about it?  Then you wonder how she was raised as a teenager. Now, I wonder why I am getting gray hair.

My teenagers’ wonder why, I get moody. Well, Hello, You kids can drive me nuts!  They just don’t get it. They don’t think that I was a teenager too .They doesn’t understand their behavior makes an impact on everyone. My daughter told me about her best friend, and her boyfriend.  My daughters friend was hit by her boyfriend in school .When He was confronted by the principle, he said that he didn’t do anything. Little did the boy know, there are cameras in the hallways? He got suspended for 4 weeks, and the boys’  mother  is in total denial  of the whole thing. The woman has 7 children and can’t handle the two oldest, which walk around my town at all hours of the night. Then she trash talks everyone else about their children. Get real lady !  This has become a typical behavior in my neighbor hood . When is it going to end ? When it’s too late, and then try to blame on everyone else except themselves . Parents need to be parents instead of being  friends to their children . Our world is doomed as we know it  , by  this behavior.  This why , I am glad to explain this behavior to someone  .


Yesterday was going good….

Until ..my only transportation brokedown….

It was the last straw for me….

My stress level was high enough…

I just broke down……

Why me ?

Why am I getting the bad luck?

Am I getting punished for something I did or said?

My belief in the higher good is thin…..

My Axle



This is Axle….

He is a Golden Lab …..

His father was a Golden Retriever and his mother was a white Labrador…

He is a big a baby….and thinks that he is lap dog….

He is over 88lbs….he whines in the car and tries to get in the front seat…

Does not like raw carrots….but loves peanut butter…

He loves to play with his squeaky toys and his rope…

He helps me when I am stressed or sad…




I usually don’t discuss about other members of my family……

I am so mad right now…..

My brother and his family has been living in my house,because they had no other place to live….

It has been three years now…..

This part of my depression……

They are destroying my house….like they destroyed my grandmother’s house…

My grandparents belongings were in our family room….My brothers stuff was piled over my grandparents belongings…..

A lot of it destroyed now….

My dolls that my grandparents made…are missing

We told my brother that he has to leave many of times….He has a job….

He gives us money for rent when he feels like giving it…..

I am at my wits end….

This part of why I eat emotionally…..


I have made progress to the quilt…

I have four panel’s done….

Plus, I bought more fabric to add to the quilt….

I also bought more bobbins and thread….

I am almost out of white thread…..

Plus, it gave me  some time to myself….

Which I get little of….

I just realized that  I lost  five lbs….

Progress in quilt making

Progress in quilt making